Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 31st- November 4th  

Math:  The students are working on fractions at this time.  They will be investigating prime and composite numbers, divisibility rules, LCM, and GCF this week.  They will also begin adding and subtracting fractions.

Spelling: The five words are thus, square, moment, teacher, and happy. These words will definitely be on the test. The tested skill is recognizing different ways to spell the /s/ sound.  Remember to have your child study their missed words from last week’s test. The test over Unit 8 will be on Friday, November 8th.

Reading:  During Reader’s Workshop, the students will learn how to use details from the text to identify and explain cause and effect.

Writing:  We will learn how to use apostrophes in singular possessive nouns.  By the end of the week, the students will write paragraphs demonstrating their knowledge of this skill.

Science:  In Science, the students are learning about simple machines through experiments and observations.

Social Studies: The students are studying Chapter 3 Age of Exploration this week.
Additional Information:
·            Arrow Club tutoring is on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Please have your child picked up at no later than 4:40.

·            Homework packets will be coming home each Monday.  The packet will consist of two math assignments and two language assignments.  These papers will be review work in order to keep the skills “fresh” in their minds.  The packets will be due on Friday of each week, so your child can work on these when their schedule permits.  This is a new school-wide requirement.